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An alternative, simplified version of the USB-MIDI virtual COM converter on the Veroboard

Execution of a PCB for surface mounting and soldering of the SMD elements requires great skill. For less advanced people, I suggest a converter version using the Veroboard. The only SMD element is a processor, that requires soldering to the adapter. There are many descriptions on the Internet on how to do it with a soldering iron.

The pins protruding from the adapter are used to mount a shield. This shield, equipped with buttons and a potentiometer, works with the MIDITERM program. To prepare the converter for operation in MIDI mode with the MIDITERM program, short with a jumper the GND and CLK pins on the SWD connector.

The firmware is the same that is used for the SMD version of the converter. Load the firmware via the SWD socket with a ST-LINK V2 and program STM32 ST-LINK Utility.

Below photos and schematic diagrams of the simplified converter version and the shield:

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